Our Contracting Department’s responsibility is to take the client from start to finish and to see that the vision and Design created becomes your working Kitchen. With an emphasis on close individual attention, our experienced staff provides equipment from your specifications or alternative equipment, if needed, to better fit your budget and timeline.

San Diego Restaurant Supply orders all of the equipment and will warehouse the project prior to installation. Our Project Managers handle all field verifications and construction coordination on your behalf before any equipment arrives. We make as many visits as needed to your establishment during that process. We deliver equipment and fixtures to your site at the pre-determined date, under the supervision of our Project Management team and Contract Salesperson. Our experienced Installers will uncrate and set in place your equipment while preparing for final hook-ups. We continue to work hand in hand with the related trades during the entire process to ensure a smooth transition to your working Kitchen, Bar, and serving areas. A member of our Staff will complete a final walk-thru with you, and you are in business.

In business since 1958, our knowledge and experience stand out above the crowd. Give us a call at 619-239-8107 to get started on your food service vision today.